Learn more about AR with Melanie Langlotz

 If Augmented Reality (AR) is on your radar, you’re in for a treat at this year’s INTERFACE Xpo. 

Melanie Langlotz, founder of Geo AR Games (geoar.tech/home) is one of the keynote presenters. She will explain and examine this exciting technology, and discuss how it can be successfully used in education.

Her company specialises in AR mobile outdoor games and experiences – you may have even used it yourself with the Magical Park app (geoargames.com/MagicalPark) that councils across the country have been using.

Don’t miss the opportunity to get insights and inspiration from a pioneer of this awesome technology!

Sign up to attend INTERFACE Xpo 2017 at interfacexpo.nz/register2017/


Magical Park – Coming to a park near you!