Taupo Programme – INTERFACEXpo 2016


Join us at the Great Lake Centre, Taupo.


  • Registration and join us for coffee courtesy of Equico


  • Welcome from Greg Adams, Editor, INTERFACE


  • Short presentation by Edwards Sound
  • Presentation by Ian Taylor, Animation Research
    Ian is founder of Animation Research Limited. He was inducted into the New Zealand Hi-Tech Hall of Fame in 2009 and is one of New Zealand’s leading innovators. From revolutionising the viewing of sports with Virtual Eye, most notably America’s Cup racing, to award-winning TV commercials, he’s helped to pioneer and develop the use of 3D computer graphics on a global stage. He will take time out from his busy schedule to share his expertise and experiences, as well as thoughts and insights on using digital technology in learning. Read more


  • Workshops 1-5


  • Morning Tea


  • Presentation by Adobe, Creativity & Education: Why it matters
    Creativity is at the core of what you do, no matter what you make, teach, or lead. Find out how Adobe is approaching the future of creativity in education with industry-leading apps, collaborative workflows, and new mobile apps.
  • Presentation by Google, How is Google changing the way technology is used in education?
    Technology is a tool to facilitate amazing learning outcomes, it should be simple, easy and get out of the way to let teachers teach and students learn. Edward Carlson will explain and explore how Google’s education products are built with this focus in mind, blending the technology with the classroom.


  • Workshops 6-9


  • Lunch


  • Short presentation by Ruckus Wireless
  • Short presentation by Cyclone
  • Presentation by N4L, More than just a connection
    N4L has ensured reliable and secured Internet access for 2,300 schools by connecting them to the Managed Network. On top of those connections, N4L operates a variety of proactive services that allow it to maintain the network effectively. This keynote will provide an overview of the features and benefits of these services, including N4L’s Web Filtering, and Tahi – the Identity and Access Management service – and the tools its helpdesk and service engineers use behind the scenes to support schools. Learn about the processes N4L follows and the systems it’s building to enable and empower education.


  • Workshops 10-13


  • Afternoon Tea


  • Creating a culture around online safety
    Explore digital technology, the internet, and social media in the school environment, with Attitude’s Paula Fakalata.


  • Drinks and Prize Draw