Workshops 2022

We’re in the process of organising workshops for our 2023 events. We will announce all the details as soon as we can. To give you an idea of what to expect, here are the descriptions of last year’s workshops.

There is always a great selection of workshops for delegates to choose at INTERFACEXpo events – and 2022 will be more of the same. These are 40-minute sessions, designed to give a more in-depth view of particular products, services and solutions.

This year, they will be divided into three groups with delegates selecting one from each group to attend. Several sponsors are running workshops and delegates will be asked to choose their workshops before the events. If you have registered and have not received a link to the workshop selections, please contact

Please note: The majority of workshops will require participants to have their laptop with them, so that they can take part fully in the activity.

The workshops are as follows:

Company: Google for Education

Title: Artificial Intelligence (Ai), Machine Learning (Ml) and Google Experiments

Outline: Google aspires to create technologies that solve important problems and help people in their daily lives. So, join this workshop to explore how Google’s cutting-edge technology is being used to create learning opportunities for students in the Ai and Ml space. Twenty or 30 years ago, students might have learned basic typing skills in school, Today, ‘Ai literacy’ is a key skill. It’s important that students everywhere, from all backgrounds, are given the opportunity to learn about Ai. We will explore useful sites, collect resources and have some fun too.

Steve Smith

Presented by: Steve Smith, Education Program Manager at Google NZ. Steve has been an International Presenter at Google education events, is a Level 1 and 2 Google Certified Teacher and Trainer, and is a member of the Google Earth Education Experts group.

Steve taught social sciences at Takapuna Grammar School for 17 years.

Company: Canon

Title: How to get the best learning experiences with classroom display technology

Outline: Want to make the most of your interactive displays? Canon expert Chris Thorley will explain how to enhance and improve performance, and how the [InFocus] JTouch interactive display works with a wide range of teaching apps, including Google Drive, Slides, Docs, Microsoft Office, Jamboard, See-Saw and other relevant teaching platforms. The workshop will also cover the ease of screen annotation and wireless content sharing.

Chris Thorley

Presented by Chris Thorley. Chris has been involved in the education collaborative space for several years, specialising in classroom display and interactive learning technologies.

Having worked closely with teachers from a range of schools around New Zealand from different backgrounds and environments, he has an excellent understanding of the modern classroom.

Company: impactED

Title: Digital Technologies coherent pathways in action to support Kāhui wide digital storytelling

Outline: The North and South Timaru Kāhui Ako has been working in collaborative groups to achieve their Kāhui Ako wide initiatives. One of those has been Digital Technologies. Hayden Inkster and Rebecca Best have been leading these groups in their Across Kāhui Ako lead roles and working alongside impactED to develop a Kāhui wide Year 1-10 framework for Digital Technologies implementation. A key aspiration is to develop confidence of Kaiako to support digital storytelling. In this session participants will engage in the process developed to support all schools in this Kāhui Ako wide initiative. You will see examples of the framework, and hear stories of how this has impacted teaching and learning.

Arnika Macphail

Presented by:

Arnika Macphail, who is Kaiwhakahaere for impactED (and also Digital Story Telling Aotearoa, Arnika is a MoE Accredited facilitator and, through her mahi, she supports the implementation of Digital Technologies through authentic contexts.

Rebecca Best

Rebecca Best, who is a Year 3/4 teacher at Gleniti School in Timaru and is also an Across School Teacher for the Timaru North and South Kāhui Ako. Rebecca enjoys integrating Digital Technology into her classroom teaching and is the Digital Technology Lead Teacher at her kura. She has also been involved in developing the Coherent Pathway Documentation  for the Digital Technology Curriculum across South Canterbury kura and is supporting kura to implement this through authentic contexts.

Hayden Inkster

Hayden Inkster, who teaches a Year 7/8 class at Bluestone School Timaru. Hayden has a passion for integrating digital technology tools into the classroom and supporting other Kaiako to integrate these into their classroom. He is an Across School Teacher for the Timaru North and South Kahui Ako. Hayden has been involved in developing Coherent Pathways for the Digital Technology Curriculum across South Canterbury Kura and implementing this through authentic contexts.


Company: ETV

Title: Leveraging the potential of ETV, ELINK, EVA for Teaching and Learning.

Outline: In this BYOD workshop, ETV will focus on using Enhanced Video Annotation (EVA) in the context of teaching and learning, reviewing:

  • features of the three platforms;
  • sources of support available on these;
  • a classroom-ready EVA exemplar; and
  • available EVA tools.

Participants can create an EVA and insert a few interactions themselves during the workshop and will keep access to all EVA Pro Tools for a month after the workshop to continue trialling the tools.

EVA Basic and ELINK come free with ETV.

  • EVA (Enhanced Video Annotation tool) turns any video into an enriched interactive experience. Try out EVA’s 17 different types of annotation and interactive tools which pop up while the learner watches the video.
  • EVA Basic: Seven non-response tools let you add in-depth information with Labels, Text Boxes, Tables, Links, Images, plus add jump-to’s and chapters with Crossroads and Navigation Hotspots right on the player.
  • Eva Pro: An additional 10 response enabled tools to complement the EVA Basic tools. EVA Pro lets you create fully interactive quizzes and puzzles for viewers to answer at any selected time in the video. Choose from Statements, Single Choice, Multiple Choice, True/False, Fill-in-the-Blanks, Drag & Drop, Mark the Words, Drag Text, and Text Input fields. Name Input enables EVA creators to receive interaction data from named individuals and classes.
Gretchen Badenhorst

Presented by: Gretchen Badenhorst, ETV’s Manager of Educational Services. She has taught languages for almost two decades and has been Head of Department and Faculty, an NZQA external examiner and panel leader for several achievement standards. 

You can access the materials used in the workshop here at any time.  

Or check out this video exemplar.

Or contact Gretchen for further information at

Company: Microsoft New Zealand

Title: How to bring Microsoft’s Inclusive Classroom to your school

Outline: In this introductory workshop, you will learn about Microsoft’s vision for the Inclusive Classroom, and how technology helps personalise learning to meet the needs of students. With a hands-on demonstration of Immersive Reader and Reading Progress, along with some information on exciting upcoming features, you will have a better understanding of the tools Microsoft is developing to support inclusivity in the classroom.

Please note: This workshop has specifically requested that participants have their laptop with them, so that they can take part fully in the activity.

Conor McHoull

Presented by: Conor McHoull (Microsoft Learning Delivery Specialist). Before taking up his new role at Microsoft, Conor as a classroom teacher (intermediate (Year 7-8) level) for five years, heading up the Digital Technology Department and Digital Curriculum implementation. He’s an Associate Teacher of Massey University’s Master Education Programme, and has a passion for the Esports and gaming world.



Company: The Museum of Transport and Technology (MOTAT)

Title: What to do with your Microcontroller

Outline: This is an introduction to what you can do with a makey makey, microbit or Arduino and how you can use them in your lessons. With most schools now venturing into the realm of digital, using various electronic components to help teach students is starting to become the norm. We wanted to help shed some light on the subject and show you just what these boards are and how you can use them to create some fun interactive experiences while inspiring your students to think of the future. No coding knowledge needed for this hands-on workshop.

Please note: This workshop has specifically requested that participants have their laptop with them, so that they can take part fully in the activity.

Damon Kahi

Presented by: Damon Kahi. With an inventor as a father, Damon has been fascinated most of his life by how things work. In his role as Education Innovator for MOTAT, he gets to tinker, create, while having fun inspiring young inventors and innovators of tomorrow.


Company: Digital Circus

Title: The top 5 digital tools to use in your classroom to supersize learning and streamline teacher workload

Outline: In this workshop, Toni from will unpack her 5 must have digital tools to add to your classroom kete. These tools encourage creativity, increase engagement, and integrate across the curriculum to make dynamic learning experiences for ākonga. Join Toni to get practical tips and tricks to integrate them into your programme and streamline your teacher workload. 

Toni Westcott

Presented by: Toni Westcott

Toni is an educator passionate about future focused, project-based learning and using technology to enhance teaching and learning. She brings teaching experience from years 1-6 and has held Senior management and Digital/ICT leadership roles. Toni is a lifelong learner having completed a Post-graduate Certificate and a Masters specialising in Professional Development. She enjoys developing teacher knowledge with a hands-on approach and supporting teachers to build on what they already do in their classrooms. Toni is General Manager, Team Leader of our facilitation team, and our digital marketing coordinator at Digital Circus.

Company: Network for Learning (N4L)

Title: N4L connects schools and kura to safe and reliable internet and we’ve introduced a new superpower – N4L’s cybersecurity services.

Outline: As cybersecurity incidents continue to rise and security threats become more sophisticated, N4L’s services are evolving too. We’ve recently introduced our cybersecurity services to help improve the security posture of kura.

Greg Duff

In this workshop we’ll deep dive into N4L’s range of safety and security services, and the role they each play to keep ākonga safe while learning online. Cybersecurity is a team effort and it’s important we’re working together to tackle cyber crime.

Presented by: Greg Duff, N4L’s Head of Education and Engagement.


Company: Lenovo

Title: How to address digital student safety within and beyond the campus, teach digital citizenship and improve student outcomes

Outline: Debra Phillips from Lenovo will be presenting LanSchool, an innovative software from Lenovo which is designed to work across any classroom platform, both in the classroom and in hybrid learning environments. We’ll look at the challenges many schools face in keeping students safe online and how to resolve them.

Debra Phillips

See how simple tools like Web Limiting, blank screen and thumbnail monitoring can enhance the classroom experience for both the educator and the student. Also the importance of a strong Filtering solution to protect students from external and internal threats.

She’ll also look at another software that will allow schools to keep track of the devices, show web usage, keep track of warranties, keep devices from leaving the campus unless they are meant to, and ensure students have the software they need to excel.

Presented by: Debra Phillips. With more than 20 years of experience in sales across education, global and local organisations, Debra has a passion for ensuring student safety beyond the physical. The landscape has changed and with external and internal threats more prevalent than ever before with often serious consequences, the student safety journey is perhaps the most important element, along with digital citizenship and improving student outcomes.

Company: Science Alive

Title: Discover Science Alive Mātauranga! 

Outline: Inspire your ākonga in rich STEAM learning interwoven with mātauranga Māori. Through Science Alive’s partnership with Education Perfect, these resources are completely free for all kura across Aotearoa! With a growing range of interactive lessons, project based learning experiences and hands-on investigations there is something for everyone. This session will be an overview of the range of resources including next steps and implementation ideas for our modules including: 

  • Gamechangers: In our Footsteps
  • Antarctic Adventures
  • Te Taiao: Our Natural World
  • Te Ara Ako – Localised Innovation Cycle
Lauren Pugh

Presented by: Lauren Pugh. With experience in teaching, educational management, consultancy and science communication roles, Lauren Pugh now leads the Science Alive Mātauranga kaupapa development as part of the Education Perfect team and is based in Ōtautahi. With particular passions for STEAM education, 21st Century skill development and integrated curriculum, Lauren will inspire you to innovate your teaching practice using these exciting new resources.  

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