INTERFACEXpo Workshops 2021

We’re currently working on our workshops for 2021. To give you a taste of what to expect, here’s what was on offer last time for our break-out group options.

There is always a great selection of workshops for delegates to choose at INTERFACEXpo events – and 2019 will be no exception. These are 40-minute sessions, designed to give a more in-depth view of particular products, services and solutions.

This year they will be divided into three groups with delegates selecting one from each group to attend. Several sponsors are running workshops, as outlined below.

Delegates will be asked to choose their workshops. (If your place has been confirmed but you haven’t received a link to choose your workshops, please let us know at

Maths-Whizz Ticks All The Boxes

Company: Maths-Whizz (iLearn Education)

Title: Helping schools bridge the gap between ICT in Education Policy and Reality with the intuitive online maths programme, Maths-Whizz.

Outline: Every child deserves a learning experience that caters to their individual needs and pace of learning. The challenge that mainstream educators face is that while this is great in theory, but near on impossible to deliver using traditional methods.


How can we take live learning data, put that into context, and from that, gain insight (and as a result, measurable gains in student progress and achievement) using 21st century digital learning tools. This workshop will look at barriers facing today’s educators, and the use of data continually produced as students learn to reduce teacher workload and accelerate student achievement. It will use a commercial product ‘Maths-Whizz’ as the platform that delivers to student progress and achievement data.

Presenter: Ross Perkinson

Ross is an ex secondary school teacher with over 31 years’ experience in the classroom, and more than a decade as a HOF Mathematics.


Company: Code Avengers

Title: Computational Thinking for Senior Primary teachers

Outline: Unpacking Computational Thinking Progress Outcome 2. Build confidence in teaching, algorithmic thinking, programming and debugging in this interactive workshop. We’ll provide you with plenty of ideas and resources to take back to the classroom.


Presenter: Ilana Signal

“Kia Ora, I’m Lana! I have facilitated professional learning and development (PLD) and wānanga sessions for national and international teachers and kaiako, teaching across all year levels, up to and including at tertiary level. I have worked with iwi in Te Tai Tokerau and around Kirikiriroa, supporting rangitahi and kaiako build digital fluency and worked extensively to unpack the new DT curriculum for primary teachers.”

Code Avengers are running two workshops. Also see ‘Strategies for developing an effective classroom culture’

schoology logo

Company Name: Schoology / GCT Education

Title: Ditch those Report Cards, Save Time and Teach Dispositional Skills.

Outline: Letting go of report cards saves each teacher approximately 40 hours of admin work. Schoology provides all the information a report card would give and so much more.

Real time. Automated Anytime, Anywhere Reporting. Really??

Yes really.

How do we stimulate and report on dispositional skills like resilience, developing resilient and growth mindsets or students modeling compassion and empathy?

Schoology enable easy management of these all important life-skills, so you know your students are becoming well rounded lifelong learners as well as academically proficient.

Other BIG news from us is a game changing new mark book – to be launched later 2019. This is a world first in eLearning and you’ll be given a sneak peek at InterfaceXpo19.

Schoology makes it simple to assign Individualised learning materials to a student or groups and give choice based activities targeted to their skill level. Make teaching decisions with the information you need, when you need it and inspire agency and facilitate achievement.


Presenter: Brad Friis, General Manager, Schoology NZ and Australia.

Brad works with schools of all shapes and sizes across New Zealand and Australia, ensuring they get the most they can from a blended eLearning strategy. He is passionate about helping schools shift focus from more traditional to more modern future focused.

He has served on two schools boards and has five children aged 9-18. Brad genuinely believes parenting this many children deserves a Prince2 Project Management Certification, especially after Saturday morning sports runs. Either that or official recognition as a magician.


Company: pcMedia Technologies Ltd

Title: Move to a Smarter Cloud

Outline: Not all cloud solutions are the same. pcMedia has won two national awards for its education-focused cloud solution. This workshop outlines the solution, how it redirects your ICT spend from the server room into the classroom, how it creates a stronger technology infrastructure, and provides opportunities to develop an effective digital curriculum without limitations.

180531 interface-613

The session will also outline the funding currently available to assist schools in their migration from server-based hardware.

Presenters: Lee Harper and Peter Sutton.

Lee is a Cloud Evangelist and one of the directors from pcMedia.

N4L cmyk

Company: N4L

Title: Connect 4 Learning

Outline: In an age of online bullying, cyber attacks and scams what can schools and their partners do to make the online environment safer for students?

greg duff n4l

From technical solutions to educational interventions we’ll discuss how schools can demonstrate leadership in networked environments and support students to thrive in a digital world.

Presenter: Greg Duff

National Engagement Manager at N4L, Greg does things, many things for schools. You should ask him about it.

etv logo

Company: ETV

Title: Leveraging the potential of Version 5 ETV, E LINK, EVA for Teaching and Learning.

Outline: In this BYOD workshop, eTV will focus on using Enhanced Video Annotation (EVA) in the context of teaching and learning:

  • Look at a few classroom-ready EVA exemplars
  • Review the available EVA tools
  • Create EVA’s yourself to go and use in your classroom.

During the workshop you will review features of ETV, have a quick look at refinements in the new Version 5 User Interface of ETV, and explore E LINK, a content management platform that allows for storage and sharing of a wide range of file-types and resources. EVA Basic and ELINK come free with ETV, and can be licensed to schools separately.


EVA, the new Enhanced Video Annotation tool, turns any video into an enriched interactive experience. Try out EVA’s 17 different types of annotation and interactive

tools which pop up while the learner watches the video.

  • EVA Basic: Seven no- response tools let you add in-depth information with Labels, Text Boxes, Tables, Links, Images, plus add jump-to’s and chapters with Crossroads and Navigation Hotspots right on the player.
  • Eva Pro: An additional 10 response enabled tools to complement the EVA Basic tools. EVA Pro lets you create fully interactive quizzes and puzzles for viewers to answer at any selected time in the video. Choose from Statements, Single Choice, Multiple Choice, True/False, Fill-in-the-Blanks, Drag & Drop, Mark the Words, Drag Text, and Text Input fields. Name Input enables EVA creators to receive interaction data from named individuals and classes.
Gretchen Badenhorst - etv

Presenter: Gretchen Badenhorst

Gretchen is ETV’s Manager of Educational Services. She has taught languages for almost two decades and has been Head of Department and Faculty, an NZQA external examiner and panel leader for several achievement standards. Gretchen completed an MEd at the University of Auckland in 2014 with a focus on the use of Hybrid Learning in multilevel classes, completed TPLT in 2015 with a focus on intercultural communicative language learning, and in 2018 completed both a National Diploma in Adult Education at SIT and a Postgraduate Diploma in Digital Education at Massey University. Gretchen’s focus is on facilitating student-centred, interactive learning and teaching approaches in digital environments.

You can access the materials used in the workshop here at any time. Or contact Gretchen for further information at


Company: Norrcom

TitleICT simplified

Outline:  ICT (Information and Communications Technology) is rapidly changing the never static. As one of the leading ICT providers for schools across New Zealand, Norrcom aims to give current and relevant information that can be used to simplify any school’s ICT needs. If you’re looking for ideas or need help implementing an e-learning plan, this workshop will demonstrate how the company can help you successfully achieve your digital technology goals.

Presenters:  Chris Norris and Dan Roscouet

kai clan logo

Company: Kai’s Clan

Title: Classroom Virtual Reality Coding on Mars

Outline: Code your own virtual reality adventure! Learn to code your robot then jump into the driver’s seat and watch your code come to life as you traverse a virtual 3D Mars environment! Get a hands on experience of how to use Kai’s Clan in collaborative coding lessons. Work together through a shared interface, access each other’s data and see your adventure unfold.


Presenter: Bruce Jackson

A passion for technology led Bruce to create Kai’s Clan, a more exciting way to teach coding. As a father himself, Bruce understands the importance of computer science in education and saw a way to make a positive impact through his collaborative coding platform.


Company: Adobe

Title: Learn how to create videos with Adobe’s newest video creation app, Premiere Rush

Outline: Premiere Rush is a new video editing app which works across all your devices. Capture footage on your phone and then edit and share it to social channels on your phone, tablet or desktop. In this workshop, learn how easy it is to create & edit videos on your mobile device. No experience in video editing is required. Attendees should bring their mobile device or laptop with Adobe Premiere Rush installed if possible.

Rosie Sue photo

Presenter: Rosie Sue

Rosie  is Adobe’s New Zealand-based Solution Consultant. For over two years, she has worked closely with the country’s largest organisations, fostering creativity and inspiring best practice design workflows. She runs workshops and offers product training on a range of Adobe Creative Cloud apps. Rosie has also been a keynote speaker for two consecutive years at  INTERFACEXpo.

Rosie comes from a Marketing background, having worked for Fairfax Media and also runs her own freelance business. She enjoys creating educational tutorials on graphic design and video editing. Rosie’s YouTube channel currently has close to 200,000 views and she is an influencer on Adobe’s Education resource site, the Education Exchange.


Company: HP

TitleMinecraft Education Edition and Computational Thinking

Outline: This is a hands-on tutorial providing an overview of Minecraft Education Edition.

  • Explore how you can teach across the curriculum with Minecraft EE;
  • Teacher tools and controls within Minecraft EE;
  • Mapping Computational Thinking aspect of the new Digital Technologies Curriculum with coding in Minecraft Education Edition; and
  • Coding Tutorial.
Crispin Lockwood

Presenter: Crispin Lockwood

Crispin is a Microsoft Learning Delivery Specialist delivering PLD to NZ schools embedding the use of Microsoft 365 in the classroom. Ex-teacher with 15 years of experience teaching students from new entrance to senior high school in New Zealand, South Korea and Middle East.


Company: Code Avengers

Title: Strategies for developing an effective classroom culture

Outline: There are a range of values and strategies that can help make the classroom environment better suited to learning Digital Technologies. Learn  about repositioning the teacher, collaboration, perseverance, exploration, and culturally responsive pedagogy.


Presenter: Ilana Signal (see previous bio)

Code Avengers are running two workshops. Also see ‘Computational Thinking for Senior Primary teachers’


Company: 3P Learning NZ

Title: Science learning unlocked: How the 5E model and STEMscopes Science can help you to deliver the science curriculum into your class.

Outline: Looking for an easier way to develop and grow science learning within your classroom? Then welcome to the session for you!

Wayne will walk you through the 5E model and how, when applied within the STEMscopes science program, it provides you with an easy-to-follow framework for introducing science into your classroom. He’ll also cover the intervention and acceleration parts that create the full 5E+IA model.

The 5E model is a sequential way of delivering a topic (in this case, science) that utilises five phases: engage, exploration, explanation, elaboration and evaluation.

The 5E framework ensures that science topics are delivered in a concise way. Understanding the students’ initial knowledge of a topic first, engaging them through contextualisation and links to real-world experiences, building up their factual knowledge, and then hands-on experiments with questions that encourage inquiry thinking and add a depth to their learning.

Thee Intervention and Acceleration (+IA) areas provide teachers with additional opportunities to identify and close the gaps in student content knowledge, as well as provide enrichment activities for other content areas linked to science.

All attendees to Wayne’s session will receive four weeks free access to the all-new STEMscopes science program, the powerful science program that provides teachers with a full-toolkit of resources, questions, examples and experiments all designed to make it easier to deliver science content in your classroom.

3p wayne

Presenter: Wayne Marr

Wayne has been a man of many pursuits over his years: the Navy, TVNZ, various sales roles; all before having visions of a stress-free life and deciding to complete a Dip. Grad. in teaching, sending him head first into teaching Year 4s up to Year 8s over a 7-year period. He now finds himself leading the 3P Learning team in New Zealand.

Wayne is a strong advocate for digital learning and is known across NZ for his engaging PD and for bringing an authentic in-class dimension to his presentations.


Company: New Era Technology

Title: Exploring Modern Device Management with Microsoft 365

Outline: Are you ready for seamless access to online services and simple device management? In this session, you’ll gain an understanding of just how easy it is to manage Windows 10 devices in your school, including how easy it is for teachers to select and deploy education applications from the Windows Store For Education to managed Windows 10 devices.

new era workshop

We’ll show you how easy it is to setup and manage Microsoft 365 in a school or BYOD environment, covering:

  • One Identity with Azure AD and Google, Apple ID and other School Apps;
  • An introduction the Microsoft Store for Education;
  • Configuring Intune for Education, Microsoft’s simple cloud based management platform;
  • Configuring Windows 10 laptops and managing them through Intune for Education;
  • Deploying selected educational applications and typical classroom settings to the devices; and
  • Log in and get learning!

Presenter: Nick Reid, Solutions Specialist, New Era Technology and Otako Kaufusi, Teacher Engagement Manager, Microsoft.


Company: Education Perfect

Title: Differentiation without segregation

Outline: Education Perfect recognises that the one-size-fits-all approach is not appropriate in the modern classroom. We will explore how to support the individual needs of your students without having to sort the class into specialised groups. Learn how to create a rich and inclusive learning environment for your students and provide targeted support for priority learners. Set up individualised learning pathways, and track student progress over time to provide you with the peace of mind that students are working on the right content at the right time.

Presenter: Trudi Wigg

Trudi is the Languages Manager for New Zealand. She speaks Japanese and is an advocate for Te Reo Māori. Trudi initially joined the team at Education Perfect in 2015 after working as a Japanese teacher at Bayfield High School in Dunedin and Mission Heights Junior College in Auckland. Trudi’s favourite thing about her role is that it allows her to support the teaching and learning of all languages in New Zealand, by empowering teachers and students to use our modern learning platform to its full potential.

PLEASE NOTE: This workshop is only available at the Auckland event.

mind lab logo

Company: The Mind Lab

Title: The wonderful world of Micro: bits

Outline: In this workshop, The Mind Lab will be giving a brief introduction to the power of Micro: bits. The classroom friendly programmable board that makes learning how to code, invent and create tangible creations more fun. This is a hands-on collaborative workshop suitable for all levels.

Presenter: Damon Kahi

PLEASE NOTE: This workshop is only available at the Auckland event and is limited to 20 places.

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