• Doors open. Sign in and join us for coffee, courtesy of Equico


  • Welcome from Greg Adams, Editor, INTERFACE
  • Short presentations by Schoology and ETV



  • Keynote: Dr Tim Kitchen, Senior Education Specialist for Asia Pacific, Adobe Creative Problem Solving: Practical tips for teachers wanting to enhance their students’ creative problem solving skills.
  • Demonstration: Harvey Norman


  • Workshops 1-4
    • TTS: Simplifying Digital Learning. (Located in Nicholas Hall)
    • pcMedia: Cloud should be free, debunking the myths! (Habgood)
    • Microsoft: Supporting student achievement with Learning Tools for OneNote  and Immersive Reader. (Tod)
    • Cyclone: Coding with iPads (Baylis)


  • Explore exhibition and enjoy morning tea

tim levy11.15am

  • Short presentations by pcMedia, N4L and Microsoft
  • Keynote: Tim Levy, CEO, Family Zone Cyber Safety. The smartphone challenge for schools: Students are increasingly ‘bringing their own internet to school’ via personal mobile devices and bypassing school online controls. Tim discusses how schools can deal with this problem.


  • Workshops 5-8
    • ETV: EVA in Education – Enhanced Video Annotation: Don’t just watch,
      Learn. (Located in Nicholas Hall)
    • Linewize: A school’s duty of care – the Family Zone education solutions welfare module. (Habgood)
    • Cyclone: Rolling into the DT/HM curriculum with Sphero. (Tod)
    • The Mind Lab by Unitec: Electrical engineering and Coding (only 30 places available). (Baylis)


  • Explore exhibition and enjoy lunch


  • mark walmsleyShort presentation by Cyclone
  • Keynote: Michael Walmsley, Founder, Code Avengers. Preparing for the new Digital Technologies Curriculum: Explore how teachers can make use of gamified learning resources such as Code Avengers to save prep time, and create exciting learning experiences for their students.


  • Workshops 9-12
    • HP: Top 10 tips that are changing teachers lives in the classroom. (Located in Tod)
    • Adobe: Linking Photoshop tips and tricks to Adobe’s free mobile apps. (Habgood)
    • Cyclone: Exploring the Digital Technologies Curriculum with Minecraft: Education Edition. (Baylis)
    • Code Avengers: Launch your digital technologies curriculum with Code Avengers. (Nicholas Hall)


  • Drinks and prize draw


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